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Residential Enclave

  • A prism of serenity, surrounded by parks, greeneries and leisure activities. Offered in economical size plots designed to fit all socio-economic classes of the society. A blend of safety and modern lifestyle where the residents can benefit from adjacent commercial, educational and leisure activities. In essence, all faculties and associated infrastructure are centered around residential enclave residents. a gated neighborhood leading to modern, stylish living.
  • Complemented by sophisticated management and control systems, fast internet, a continuous supply of energy, gas, and water, as well as round-the-clock security. Our residents will enjoy a quick response system that is facilitated by smart urban management system. A significant advance for the real estate sector in terms of blending ICT with housing support. No effort is wasted to make the life of our residents comfortable, secure, peaceful and serene.

Overseas Enclave

  • Parts of Residential Block TSSC Overseas Enclaves are designed to cater for our overseas clients. Vast number of demographics from Gujar Khan and surroundings are overseas people whom are used to modern architecture, top of class amenities and wider residential areas.
  • Our Overseas enclave is situated in prime location, benefiting from the same road network and benchmark infrastructure of TSSC this enclave houses larger homes.
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Commercial Enclave

  • A well planned business district driven by the vast residential, educational, medical commercial and corporate activities. TSSC Commercial enclave is ideal for Banks, Galleries, Food Chains, Retail, Technology Parks and much more.
  • Our Commercial enclave will not only serve Tariq Sharif Smart City rather it shall up-lift commercial activities in the wider region. Supplemented by the business opportunities created by large scale medical facilities and residential enclave and services sectors this mega commercial enclave is destined to benefits the youth of our region who wishes to engage in business.

Educational Enclave

  • Pharmaceutical College with a capacity of 500 students.
  • Allied Health Sciences College with a capacity of 500 Students.
  • University of Potohar with a capacity of 2500 Students.
  • Creation of more than 1200 jobs.
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Medical Enclave

  • 800 Beds (state of the art) Modern Hospital
  • Medical College with a capacity of 750 Students
  • Nursing College with a capacity 500 Students
  • Creation of more than 1200 jobs.
  • Dental Hospital and College with capacity of 300 Students
  • Creation of more than 2,000 jobs

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